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Stay Gold DIY

I suppose the most accurate name for this post would be ‘Stay Champagne Mist’, since that is the color of the spray paint that I am currently obsessed with. But that seemed a little ridiculous, and I doubt Ponyboy would have approved.

Regardless, I think one of the reasons that I love spray paint so much is that it goes perfectly with minimalism. Coating basic items with one solid color can instantly transform them into modern decor. In this post I’ve included three simple makeover DIYs for everyday items, using gold spray paint. Enjoy!

Dollar Store Cups Makeover

Got this pack of three cups for just $1! They’re supposed to be used for sauces, but I thought they would be a cute way to store, and display, small jewelry like bracelets and rings. The color scheme for my room is black, white, and gold, so these will look perfect sitting on my dresser.

Vase Makeover
I’ve had a clear vase just taking up space in the corner of my room since my Valentine’s Day flowers died. I don’t really care for flowers that much, but I have a random assortment of fake ones from different occasions. I knew that they would look weird in a clear vase, because you would be able to tell there was no water. So spray painting the whole thing gold was a perfect solution!

The vase looks great with my parents home decor, but that doesn’t mean I’m not bringing it with when I move into my new apartment!

Shoebox Makeover

For this project I used the box that my new Michael Kors studded loafers came in. They were 40% off, and I’m a sucker for studs and sales. I decided to just spray the lid, because the bottom of the box is plain white and I like the way the colors look together.

Stay gold!



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